Circus Ringmaster

Who wants to be a god?


Come one, come all, to the court of progressivism, where men can be gods, and God is nothing more than a man. We are the Christ, and the Christ is us. Faith? Faith in a person? Faith in a higher being? No! Faith in yourself—you are the savior.

Why do you allow your “sin” to depress you? Why does your “iniquity” bring hopelessness? Your sin is no sin, and your iniquity stains you not. Ignore the fire around our circus, come eat and drink and be merry for tonight we reap the fruits of our desire! Come dine on the fancies of your lust! Sow the seed of your choice, for you have no Master.

Some watchmen yell in on us, crying of living bread and eternal water. Why should you, a god of Babylon, have food so dull as bread and drink so bland as water? Why stoop when you can feed on the sweetness of inclusivity and unending lust? Stop up your ears to those scoundrels and their claims of objectivity. Shut your eyes to the flames of which they cry. There is no judgment for your sin. Do you not know that your sin is righteousness? Do you not know that what they call evil is truly good?

It is true. The warnings of the watchmen have stolen a few of us into their misery. The flames—which are no danger at all—have caused some to abandon their pleasure. Such an unfortunate plight! We, not they, are a refuge from hell. Hurry, join us while you may, for we shall pack and be gone in a week’s time.

Their voices are offensive—ours are joyful. Listen to the triumphant song of our patrons, “We have joined together and broken the bonds of religion. We have torn through the restraints of morality. We have replaced Him! We have replaced the God who never ends! Now we are the discerners of sin and righteousness. Beyond our reach lies no judging. Within our reach, our word is the law. Now we may do as our heart desires, for we ourselves have cleansed our hearts to purity and our hands to spotlessness in the pool of acceptance. We have had the last laugh.”

Look at our fancies, gaze at our pleasures. The jester who makes you laugh at “sin” as he speaks from a torn and tattered book, a Bible that would make Jefferson scoff. See! See! The fat woman with a beard, gluttonous on sexual pastries of every kind. Isn’t she beautiful? Oh wow! The shining lights and signs pointing to the pits of our hearts! The only place where truth and righteousness can be found. And there comes our strong man, Goliath! Look as he mocks the watchmen and locks them in cages to be thrown into the lion-den of the mob.

Beyond our coveted bounty, we boast the wisest teachers. We have Darwin and Sanger, Marx and Stalin. Gunkel and Bell and Spong. We have Delgado and Crenshaw. Bayard Rustin and Barbara Gittings. Pick any teacher of your choice! Choose a few to tickle your ears. They will approve of your lust. They will improve your earthly status.

Above all teachers, Jesus himself is on our leash, a god made in our own image! Listen not to the watchmen, those hypocrites, who claim they bear His name. At the center of our circus, that good man—with all his flaws—teaches the words of our openness. His theories are critical. His purpose, to bring merriment. Social justice is his only justice, and he preaches the principles of inclusivity. Come listen to his teaching! He explains your divinity. He guides you to your inner Christ.

Do you not know that being made in God’s image is below your station and worth? You are gods of yourself. You are deity incarnate. Come, taste the fruit of progressivism. Come you weak and heavy-laden. Your burdens are your freedom! They will give you rest. Our fruit is beautiful, and once you taste it, you will crave it. It will awaken and make you wise. Let your eyes be opened, and you shall be like God.

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