Roe is only the first step


Today, the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade. For almost fifty years, Roe had been the law of the land, giving the federal government unprecedented power to force states to provide abortions. Celebrations are in order with the reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

A time of silence and sobriety is also called for. Under the regime of Roe, countless babies have been slaughtered by the country we call our own. History is yet to show how detrimental a fifty-year reign of genocide will affect our nation. However, we already know how it has affected the most vulnerable, those we should have protected who never had the chance to draw a breath.

But the overturning of Roe is not the end of the war against abortion in America. Nor is it a significant victory in the fight against larger societal sin. America’s genocide will continue in those states where the population wants it to be so. We may blame our leaders, journalists, and abortion doctors. Still, ultimately the blame for the widespread acceptance of abortion will rest on the American citizen who, with his voice and vote, enshrines abortion in their locale.

Abortion will never be destroyed until it is overturned in the hearts and minds of each person or until those who would commit murder are restrained from doing so. Righteous legislative movements aid in this process, but ultimately, the Church must take up her hammer and start breaking through the stony hearts of our culture.

It is the Church’s responsibility to proclaim Christ to a broken world. Only our message, not a Supreme Court opinion, can offer liberty for a broken people drenched in the blood of over 63 million babies. And only the Church has an answer to the insidious invention underlying abortion and a host of other cultural sins. Moral relativism finds its end at the foot of the cross where Christ spilled His blood for the Imago Dei. This is the truth that destroys all sin. In the Gospel, we find that God is real. That God is wholly holy. And that God is the source of all self-sacrificial love. Truth destroys “my truth.”

May we as the Church remember one of our greatest responsibilities, to effect gospel change in our culture, and may we not shift this responsibility of societal transformation to the government. May the Church be courageous to proclaim the truth, destroy sin, and conquer souls for the glory of the Slain Lamb and the consecration of life.

“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.” –Acts 17:6 ESV

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